Down not out

We Must Do it Together

The real Solution (capital “s”) is for Americans to work together, as one, for the good of the country as a whole.

Alone we are nothing, together we are whole. We cannot be if others are not. Together we have created this world, and we cannot let greed of individuals destroy it. Whether it is possible or not that one can totally part from inherent greed is questionable, but to to try is certainly¬†plausible. To work as hard as you can, and work to everyone’s potential, for the common good is all we can ask for. If people don’t want to work with one another, choosing to take on the burden of life for themselves alone, they will most certainly see the demise of our race. We can only survive by working together. If you disregard the common good, and people are hurt, starving, and in need of homes, we will see a rebellion beyond belief. The masses will gather and fight for their lives. Anarchy.¬†

A very special teacher of mine in high school, who taught my world history class, introduced me to the subject of an economic spectrum and where America falls. It was a straight line: Communism on one end, capitalism on the other. Anything in between was considered socialism. No country has ever, and most likely won’t ever, reach the ends of the spectrum. Countries’ economic systems have both socialist and capitalist aspects. We have limits on big business and regulations for corporations. Therefore, we are clearly not a completely laissez faire capitalist country.

However, this isn’t a bad thing. We are learning, as time goes on, that we must do what’s best for our society as a whole. As a whole, we need to create a system that works. Where everyone works to their absolute potential and gets what they deserve… equality.

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